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Mobile Home Dealer

Mc Fadden’s Mobile Homes are one of Ireland’s best providers of quality mobile homes. For decades we have helped our clients get the best caravan for their price range. We source our quality used caravans from dealers all over the country. We only make the very best caravans available to our customers. Each mobile home has been put through rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure it confirms to the high standards our clients have come to expect.

All our mobile homes are made available at the most competitive price point possible. When you’re looking for a mobile home dealer that offers the best caravans at the best prices, please get in touch with our offices today.

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Advantages of Using Us as Your Mobile Home Dealer


We have decades of professional experience selling used mobile homes.


We make sure we offer the very best prices on all types of modern mobile homes.


All our mobile homes are subjected to rigorous quality checks to ensure they are up to our high standards.

For additional information on any of our used mobile homes please speak to our mobile home dealer today.

Mobile Home Dealer FAQ

  • What questions should I ask a mobile home dealer?

    To ensure you get the mobile home, you’re looking for; we recommend asking the below questions

    What types of mobile homes do you sell?
    Do you offer both new and used mobile homes?
    What is the price range of your mobile homes?
    What is the size of the mobile homes you sell?
    Can you list the features and amenities included in your mobile homes?
    Do you offer financing options for mobile home purchases?
    What is the warranty on the mobile homes you sell?
    Do you offer delivery and installation services? If so, what is the cost?
    Can you provide references from previous customers?
    Are there any restrictions or regulations regarding mobile homes in the area where I plan to place the home?